Friday, October 5, 2012

Recent Obessions

I apologize for being MIA over the last 2-3 months.

Here is a summary of what I've been up to:
 - attended 3 weddings (2 of which I was assisting other Wedding planners with)
 - bought a dishwasher (installation pending)
 - painted 3 more rooms in the new house
 - got new credit cards, cancelled old ones
 - picked up a new shopping addiction (more on this below)
 - learned how to use a lawn mower
 - built a computer (none of that buying a pre-built one or buying parts to get someone else to build it for me)

Needless to say, it's been a busy few months. And I'll be heading to Indiana this weekend to see family.

For this post, I think I'll talk about my latest addiction and I'll slowly cover the rest of the topics later.

I normally go through what I call "shopping cycles". I always need to be fixated on purchasing one thing I love, and MANY of it in different styles/colours/etc.

In high school, I was obsessed with what I called "Glittens". You know, those gloves that are mittens as well?  They've been very difficult to find. -Edit-  I guess the word does exist.

I've also been through the "Urban Decay" phase, a scarf phase, nail polish phase, dresses phase (this is still ongoing), and now I am on the "Disney Movies" phase.

Let me explain how this all started.

Back in March around the time of birthday, I like to shop for things for myself. (I know, I totally admit I'm a bit vain). My favourite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty and I found out the movie had just gone back into the "Disney Vault".

The Disney Vault is this smart marketing gimmick Disney does where they only produce their movies for a limited time and then pull the titles from retailers, stop producing them and they pretty much disappear for the next 7 years (into the "Vault"). Not to be found anywhere other than through resellers.

So when I saw Sleeping Beauty had gone back into the Vault, I prompted hopped onto ebay and purchased it off someone there. Just as a comparison, the cheapest sealed copy on ebay is now going for ~$50-$60. Crazy for a blu-ray movie huh?

I then decided I needed to have all of my favourite Disney movies because the next time we'd see them again is in 7 years.

I found out that Bambi, Pinocchio and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves had also gone into the vault. I actually already owned Snow White on Blu-ray from a Blockbuster store closing sale but I was determined to get the rest and any that are coming out in the next few years for my collection.

This lead me to The Disney Movie Club. I created an account using a promo code online (send me a message if you're interested to know what I used) and was able to order 5 movies at $0.20 each + 1 at $14.95 + 1 at $9.95. The only catch is you have to purchase 4 more full priced movies in the next two years. (If you take the optional $14.95 movie, that counts towards your 4 commitment purchases and you only need to purchase 3 more.) This club actually makes the movies relatively cheap. If you order them smartly, each movies averages out to be about $15-17 (after tax).

Once I was in the program, I realized I needed Winnie the Pooh and the Aristocats and the Rescuers and... well, this went on and needless to say I now own probably a good 30% of all Disney/Pixar movies (closer to 50-60% if you only count the classics).

My most recent addition? The Cinderella 3-Movie set Jewelry Box.


sandy said...

Wow what a great movie collection! How are the Cinderella sequels?

pocketwonders said...

Not bad! I didn't care much for the second movie but the 3rd one is about "what would happen if the shoe didn't fit" and it explained some things that I found useful. (Like how can the prince really think that everyone is the same shoe size and that the first girl that fits the shoe is "the one" lol)

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