Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Pink House

And in my case, the door opens to a pink house.

I know I haven't posted in awhile and here's why:

I'm officially a homeowner! Read more after the jump to find out why it's called "The Pink House".

And now for some bad news. Just this past weekend, I seem to have misplaced lost my SD card and with it, the majority of "in progress" photos that I've taken over the last 3 weeks. That will teach me to upload things to my computer more regularly. 

I've taken some photos since the loss of my precious SD card but please bear with me while I take new photos. 

Every weekend for the last 3 weeks have been consumed by painting, measuring, shopping and a lot of cleaning. This entire process has been so exciting and stressful (I'll explain why in later posts) -- but I do want to share every step of the process with you all. I found myself reading an extensive amount of blogs before, during, and after the ownership process and found it to be immensely helpful. You will also notice a shift in the type of posts you will see from now on. I will still continue to post do-it yourself posts but as this new home has taken the majority of my time, it only seems right to share those adventures.

Let's get on with a first look at our new house.

So why is this post called "The Pink House"? Well, throughout our house hunting process (a story for another time), we found another home we really loved. The other home however had quite a few things we didn't want to put up with, but it gave us an idea of the exact layout we liked in a house. We keep saying that if we never saw the other house, we would have never saw the potential in the one we bought. 

And so, the house we ended up buying had the exact same layout (and more) but the problem was that every. single. room. is pink. Okay, well not every room -- but I would say 90% of the interior walls are painted pink. And the funny thing is, they aren't even in the same shade of pink. Each room is painting in a slightly different shade of pink.

Here are some shots: (Excuse my poor camera work. It was difficult taking photos when house browsing since I wanted to stay with the "gang" - ...which really only consisted of our real estate agent and Tian)
Okay, so maybe the last one is more lavender than pink, but I think that after walking through the home everything starts to turn pink.

So we started painting the Master bedroom first (the lavender room). I lost the photo on the SD card so you'll see photos of this later.

We then moved onto the Family/Fireplace room (salmon pink). 

Here is a progress shot:

Funny thing about this room is that it looks grey in this picture and rather close to our swatch, but in the day it looks more blue than grey. I'll post a picture to show you the difference another time.

We still have tons to do but I'll keep you all posted. Stay tuned! :)

Credits and links:
All images in this post were taken/created by me.
Learn how to make your own realistic photo frame via this youtube tutorial.


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