Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PW Life: Updates

adelie penguin antarctica

Hello friends!

It's been awhile since I've made any posts, so here is a quick update on what's new with me. Sadly, I haven't had much time lately for fun things (like blogging/photography/etc.) My day job is in the publishing world where book covers need to be designed and files need to be edited. I am more involved with a newer technology - print on demand. You can walk into a bookstore and have a book come off the machine with minutes. Imagine walking into a bookstore like Chapters and Barnes and Noble and they would be able to print off a copy of a book you request in a few minutes while you browse. This area is relatively new and its development is still in it's infancy.

About two weeks ago my boss (who spearheaded this whole operation) put in his two weeks notice. This meant that I would be filling his shoes until we can sort out what is going to happen next. I arrived to work last Monday morning with a box filled with an assortment of paperwork and spent the last week sorting through it all. I was disappointed he was leaving us and nervous at the things I would need to manage (e.g. transferring over his client list). And just when I feel I almost have a grasp on things, I am leaving on Thursday to my much needed 2-week vacation to China. I feel very uncomfortable leaving things at work as they are, but this trip was planned months ago. 

I suppose all in all I'm just torn between my obligations (due to the increased responsibilities at work) and my excitement for this vacation. Just thought I'd drop this note to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking -- I'm just settling in to the changes in my life. 

P.S. I will try to pre-schedule some pretty posts for you all before I leave on my trip. I'm sure I will have lots of things to say when I get back. ;)

P.P.S. In case you were wondering why there is a penguin in this post. When I first attempted writing this post (earlier last week), I was terribly distraught with everything going on. Penguins make me smile.


Melissa said...

You better take soo many pictures and not even think about work once! (I'll tell the bf to ban you from the internet). See you tomorrow!

♥ Nadine said...

Word! Can't wait to see pictures of your vacation.

On the other hand, I totally relate to what you say: it's hard to relax when that much is going on at work.

But really, that sounds all so exciting. I mean, we have something called "Book on Demand" in Germany, too. But it's only for very rare demanded books and they are still printed somewhere else and sent to the bookstore who ordered a copy for a customer in 7 to 10 days.

Can't wait to hear how everything turns out with that.

Here's to a great start into the new week. xo. Nadine

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