Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sickness and DIY: Sugar Cube

So it appears that I have fallen ill again (the cause of the lack of a post yesterday). I've had a crazy time the last 2 weeks feeling the onset of the cold/flu beginning in my throat and being the person that I am, I of course just load up on meds and continue to go to work (there's just too much that needs to get done!). On top of that, I seem to have these strange bites on my body which I went paranoid and thought we had bed bugs. -- Doesn't seem likely anymore since I seem to be the only one with "bite marks" and it's been a few days since my sweetie and I have switched sleeping sides of the bed and of course - I'm the only one with these marks. I'm beginning to wonder if all this is caused by the amount of stress I've been under lately. Has anyone else had strange bite marks caused by stress?

I'm terribly upset with my body right now since I really want to letterpress and work on my website. Well, fingers crossed on a fast recovery -- I've just been napping a lot these days after work. I've really been craving some fruit though -- any suggestions that may help my recovery as well?

Continuing on (because do it yourself posts are just awesome, and sugar cubes are super delish:)

Just how adorable are these?


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