Monday, July 18, 2011

30 before 30

I've been compiling this list over the last few months. Will update as I do them! :)

1. Become a (relatively successful) small business owner

2. Kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower

3. Visit China (to see family and learn about my culture)
Tickets Booked: 18/08/2011

4. Become a homeowner 
Bought one! 17/05/2012

5. Have a puppy

6. Read 500+ books (using goodreads to track)

7. Skydive

8. Learn how to ballroom dance

9. Watch a drive-in movie

10. Learn a new language

11. Attend the National Stationery Show

12. Go on a cruise

13. Write a novel

14. Learn to play at least 3 songs on my Ukulele

15. Throw an awesome housewarming party (once I buy a house...)

16. Find my signature drink

17. Go horseback riding

18. See an opera

19. Find out my blood type

20. Attend Book Expo America

21. Visit New York

22. Go to the Harry Potter Themepark

23. Meet a blogger friend in real life

24. Learn how to properly use my DSLR

25. Play Bingo (in a real bingo place)

26. Stop craving chips

27. Have body fat between 21-24% (need to exercise more regularly)

28. Find my perfect shade of lipstick

29. Take a hot air balloon ride

30. Buy a Mac
Completed 16/08/11


Romina said...

this is so much fun! I should do one too!

pocketwonders said...

Please do! I love reading these :)

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