Monday, May 30, 2011

A Terrible Weekend

Tea Cup

I must admit, I haven't been the best blogger lately. I've been wishing I had more time to post more comprehensive and personal posts, but find my time limited all week due to working full-time + trying to get my letterpress and wedding planning site up and running.

This post is more of a rant rather than pretty optimistic crafts and pictures, so please feel free to skip this post. I just need an outlet to vent my frustrations.

This weekend was such a headache dealing with various companies in both letterpress and wedding planning. Having things shipped to Canada is such a pain since we are hit with expensive duties and brokerage fees. I found a broker here that can do it for a portion of what UPS would be charging me, but in the end it's still a lot extra to pay on top of the already expensive products, shipping and taxes. I was extremely frustrated on Friday when I ordered ink, supplies and plates that it arrived in two separate packages. Meaning I had to pay brokerage twice.

It finally pushed me over the edge when I found out that almost half of my items were missing. (Which the company appeared to be aware of and still sent out the package regardless of the fact that I wanted everything shipped out in one shipment.) I'm concerned now that I'm going to have to pay for duties on these missing items, thereby making me pay for duties twice on the same items. Has anyone ever had experience with customs on missing items being sent out separately?

Now as far as the bridal side of things goes, I was refused into a bridal show this weekend when I mentioned I was a Wedding Planner. It wasn't just that they refused me, but the spoke to me in a chastising manner (do I really like a little kid?) and it was amazing to see the difference in their tone of voice when they assumed I was a bride to when I told them I was a wedding planner. After speaking to colleagues in the industry about this, they too are surprised this has happened.

I ended up going to Chapters and purchasing wedding magazines to calm my anger and frustration with everything this weekend. So I apologize for no Much Love Monday this week. I'm really not in the mood at the moment. I think I'm going to grab some macaroons and make some tea tonight.

Happy posts to resume tomorrow.


Romina said...

aww sorry to hear about all that, let the frustration out! let it out of your system, so we can get your happy self back. Hope everything comes together soon, and always look forward to your posts :)

pocketwonders said...

Thank you Romina :)

Knowing that you all read my posts is enough to put a smile on my face!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

hey Jen,

you are SO not alone girl. i read it all and empathize completely. we can only do what we can do and priorities like work, etc. have to be 1st on the list of to-dos. hard when we love blogging so much though. i'm going through a similar circumstance right now too. since starting a new job, plus some free-lance stuff....omg, overwhelms in da house!

rant away, you deserve to and actually it's kinda swell to be assured i'm not alone in the angst of it all. i've been dealing with the opposite shipping ordeals, since i'm in Canada, we ship worldwide so it's outrageously over priced, wowzers! you should really address the 2 brokerage fee ish with the wholesaler or company you dealt with. they should have bundled those items.

so sorry you were treated like that at the show you were going to, what a bust! let it ALL out girl, good for you and wishing you the much betters real soon! ♥

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