Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Friend Project: May 2011

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Welcome to May 2011's The Dear Friend Project! For those of you who participated last month, I hope you all had fun! For those who are just joining us, welcome!

In about a week's time (I'll give you guys until Monday May 30th), I'll match everyone up with someone and you can exchange mailing addresses. Please send a handwritten letter to them (minumum 1 page double-spaced please). Feel free to decorate these with stickers, tape, cute papers, etc. or send other PAPER items. Please send this letter out within 2 weeks of being assigned.

Every month I'll post an optional list of prompts you can use in your letters.

If you would like to participate please post below or contact me with the following:
Location (country):
Prefer to send letters domestically/internationally/doesn't matter:

May's Letter Prompts {optional} :
  • Introduce yourself (name, family, location)
  • Write about the last book you've read or the last movie you saw.
  • Make an image out of scraps (e.g. a paper flower from spam mail or flyers) -- keep this flat so that you can mail this
  • Sign your name backwards

I loved seeing what everyone sent out last month, and I look forward to seeing your May letters on blogs/link-ups/etc. :D


♥ Nadine said...

Alright, count me in. :) Great idea!

* Germany
* doesn't matter

:) Can't wait!

Here's to a happy weekend! XO.

Girl holding a paintbrush said...

This is a wonderful idea! So being part of this

Murphy Bouma
doesn't matter

Murphy xo

megan danielle said...

Megan Thorne
united states
doesn't matter!

Unknown said...

Sarah Hill
Doesn't matter

Sare said...

Oh dear, managed to comment signed in as the man instead :(
That's me above!

trinitythree said...

I strongly recommend to those who are reading this!

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