Monday, April 4, 2011

Much Love Monday: Sushi Love

This week's Much love Monday ♥: I go out for sushi far more than I should. With so many all you can eat sushi restaurants nearby though, its super hard to resist! I have a habit of always making a small chopsticks stand whenever I go -- you guys should try it too. :)


Anonymous said...

I wish I loved sushi. It looks good but I just cant do it!

Love your blog. Adorable! :)
Enjoy your Monday.


Jen said...

you must be feeling better if you're noming on sushi!

Happy monday!

pocketwonders said...

@Jules: Thank you! :D
My Dad isn't a fan of sushi either -- he always looks at me strangely and asks "you're eating RAW fish?"

@Jen: Oh I wish I had sushi this weekend! These pictures were from last weekend when I could still taste things. XD

Hopefully I'll be able to taste things this coming weekend and be able to grab some sushi~~

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