Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Dear Friend Project

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The other day I was going through my box of birthday cards that I've received throughout my life and found a letter from a penpal in grade 4. After going through my memento box, I really miss getting handwritten letters from someone completely random the old fashion way -- handwritten letters.

Thus I'll be beginning a new project -- The Dear Friend Project, and I like to ask all of you to participate! :)

I'm hoping in a few months from now, we'll all have some new friends, and awesome keepsakes by exchanging letters to one another.

In a week's time (Wednesday April 13th), I'll match everyone up with someone and you can exchange mailing addresses. Please send a handwritten letter to them (minumum 1 page double-spaced please). Feel free to decorate these with stickers, tape, cute papers, etc. or send other PAPER items. Please send this letter out within one month of being assigned.

Every month I'll post an optional list of prompts you can use in your letters.

If you would like to participate please post below or contact me with the following:
Location (country):
Prefer to send letters domestically/internationally/doesn't matter:

April's Letter Prompts {optional} :
  • Introduce yourself (name, family, location)
  • List 3 things you love
  • Include a drawing (in your letter or on a seperate sheet)
  • Write about the last place you've been to

I will probably be creating a Flickr group for this later on so we can all see the adorable letters we'll be receiving. ;)
I look forward to seeing your letters on blogs/flickr/etc. :D


Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Hey, as someone who frequently writes letters, I understand how great hand written letters are, I'd love to take part. Great idea!

Name: Natasha Louise.
Email: Natashalouisee@gmail.com
Location: England.
Prefer to send : Doesn't matter

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea I would love to play along:

Name: LittleMissPip (Philippa)
Email: creative.adventures.of.lmp@gmail.com
Location: England
Prefer to send : Doesn't matter

Vixie said...

I would love to join in!

Name: Vixie
E-mail: vickydean@gmail.com
Location: England
Prefer to send: doesn't matter

Nadia said...

I wana play!

Name: Nadia
Email: modestimages@live.com
Location: Canada
Prefer to send: Don't MATTA'

Anonymous said...

obviously i'm so in! this is right up my alley - i keep saying there is nothin better then snail mail!

Name: paish
Email: patience[at]isavirtue[dot]net
Location: victoria bc
Prefer to send : canada, us, or uk

(p.s. did you know i'm originally from milton ontario? as we always said, you town laughs at our town "HA-milton")

pocketwonders said...

Hahaha, wow that gave me a good laugh. I bet Victoria is so much better though right? ;)

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thanks so much for your comment about my patterns! :)
You've got a lovely blog!

xo Lisa

Anonymous said...

victoria is waaaaaaay better

i hope you'll email me when you get this goin!

shereceKelly said...

This is such an amazing idea!

Name: Sherece Bledsoe
E-mail: sherece.bledsoe@yahoo.com
Location (country): USA
Prefer to send letters: Doesn't matter

Anjani said...

Count me in! :)

Name: Anjani McEggor.
Email: dreamsdontturntodust@gmail.com
Location: Indonesia
Prefer to Send Letters: Doesn't matter

Unknown said...

Hi, I would really love to participate. I just hope I'm not too late!

Name: Carson Ozcomert
Email: carson.ozcomert@gmail.com
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Prefer to send letters: In the USA, I only can afford places in the USA.

please contact me! :)

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