Sunday, March 6, 2011

Guest Post: Love Zsara - The Big Question

{image via: dustysequin}


We all know the scene: it’s raining; she’s under the shelter from the rain and turns around to face her only enemy in the world. He’s out of breath and proclaims his love for her against his better judgement. Your heart beats a little faster and you imagine yourself with your very own Mr. Darcy someday. Or is that just me?

There have been so many elaborate and planned proposals in the media, films, novels, reality TV programmes dedicated to the big question. It’s almost as if the world’s run out of ‘romantic’ ways to pop the question. My uncle and aunt have been married for almost forty years and (being the big sucker for romantic stories that I am) I pestered my uncle to tell me how he proposed. I was expecting candles or moonlight or a beach with waves softly lapping the shore in the when he told me that he proposed in his dining room one afternoon I was a bit disappointed.

The more I have thought about it the more I think that proposals have almost become over-romanced. Like a cake saturated with so much sugar that all you can taste is sweet, it becomes so refreshing to have a cup of tea, a breath of fresh air, anything but more sweetness, after all - too much sugar gives you diabetes. Too much ‘romance’? Makes you wish that the love stories which are never told were told more often. And that really the most romantic proposals aren’t the stupidly rehearsed a thousand times, staged and require hired help but are when they are the most natural words in your mouth and they can’t be contained any longer and just have to spill out, and the most natural answer is ‘yes’.


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