Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Birthday Round-up

Hello everyone! :)

This past weekend, Tian (my lovely boyfriend) took me to Niagara falls for my birthday. (Yay!) Here are some pictures from the night of my birthday and some of the weekend.

On the night of the 10th, my sweetie bought me an icecream cake. We went out for dinner the night before with my sister and best (guy) friend. I worked pretty late the night of my birthday, so it was super nice to come home to a birthday cake.

I got more cake when we at the Keg in Niagara falls. The one in the picture is the one they give you for free on your birthday! I was shocked! Normally, most restaurants give you a small birthday cake that isn't part of their menu. This one was a delicious mocha icecream cake drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce.

The next day we decided to do a little shopping. I purchased these seafoam blocks (made out of sugar? -- not entirely sure). To be honest, they're not very good -- they kind of tasted like they were burnt. Maybe I got a bad batch.

And how could I not take a picture of these massive sunglasses. They matched my coat. :)

While we were out shopping, we saw this gummy bear candied apple. The poor gummy bears, Tian was saying that they looked like they were tied to the apple and going to their dooooom. I feel so guilty thinking about how yummy they look...

Our hotel entertainment center had a huge section for a closet. I wanted to play hide and seek but Tian just shook his head.

A big thanks to my sister for the penguin slippers and matching penguin coin purse! I love them so much. In the center is also Sephora's free birhtday gift. I'll let you guys know my thoughts on it when I de-stress with a nice bath. :)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and thanks for reading!


Sioux said...

happy belated birthday!

elycia said...

hi! happy belated birthday :)
i saw your comment on my blog and had to pop by! soooo cool that you are local! The cat show was at the Ancaster Fairgrounds.
your blog is super pretty, i love it!
nice to meet you!

Courtney said...

SO CUTE! Love the design on the cake and the cool slippers. Really great photos, love how you compiled them. Happy Birthday, glad you had fun :)

Courtney xoxo

Nadia said...

haha cute photos. I like the candy apple one the best. Cool blog. You've got a new follower ;)

pocketwonders said...

Sioux: Thank you! :D

Elycia: Awesome! I really need to explore the local area more... Haha

Courtney: Thank you!!

Nadia: Thanks for following! :D I love new blogger friends.

Anonymous said...

nice cake! and the penguin slippers are just great!

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